My name is Joel, and I’m a software engineer writing about programming, Web development, and computer science in general. I intend to help people succeed in their own journeys to become software engineers.

I’ve been coding professionally for around fifteen years now, and I’ve also been professionally mentoring software engineering students for more than four years on Thinkful (even more, if I would count the private team trainings I lead in previous jobs).

In these educational experiences, I’ve seen people on similar journeys succeeding and failing, and I could spot multiple patterns in learning techniques, approaches to practice, and student behaviors that contributed seriously to the outcomes of these students. So I’ll be compiling this knowledge into texts, sharing technical and career advices for the soon-to-be next workforce of the software industry.

I invite you to subscribe. The frequency of new content will be like just once or twice per month. By subscribing you get to receive every new text of mine right in your inbox. No need to keep checking this website! And it’s entirely free. I am not making any profit from it, I’m doing this work just so I can better support my students, friends, and coworkers with knowledge that’s not that easy to put out in words.

If you want to know more about me, I have a work-in-progress presentation website: j0e.cc.

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